Growth in the tourism in Poland

Polish tourism sector entered into the period of dynamic growth. Poland strenghtened its position on the international area and visiting our country has become more popular than ever. Polish Tourism Organization analized and summarized last year, 2017. Due to many prizes we received (for example Award in Russia and Prize for Wroclaw), Poland started to be […] read more

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Seasonal routes at the Wawel Castle opened

On April 23rd the Wawel Castle opened seasonal routes that were closed in the winter period. Smocza Jama (Dragon’s Den) is now available to visit and, what is more, it will be renovated soon. The Royal Castle in Wawel wants to announce a tender for the design and execution of this renovation. Another available tourist attraction […] read more

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New tourist attraction in the Masuria region

We have one more reason to visit the Masuria Region! This outstanding area is located in the northern Poland where you can admire over 2000 lakes. Not only the nature lovers will adore the Masuria Region, but also the history enthusiasts. This part of Poland is rich in items and places from the World War II. […] read more

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New Landscape Park in Kujawy region

Park Krajobrazowy Gory Łosiowe (Elk Mountains) will be the 10th landscape park in kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship. The park will be located in the Vistula area which is particularly rich in natural beauty. The aim of creating the park is to protect the precious values of this field – landscape, inanimate nature, rare and protected animal species of animals […] read more

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