Meet the Team

We are part of Wygoda Travel and together we create an exceptional incoming department group. Here you can read something more about us.


I have always been involved in the tourism industry as I have graduated from the International Relations with a Bachelor’s degree in International Tourism then I continued studying and I ended up finishing my Master’s in Business Management. A day after I have graduated from my Master’s degree, I took a chance  and flew to Australia where I lived in Melbourne for a year and then travelled up the East Coast for another 2 months. I have visited countries in Asia where my favourite one was Singapore. What’s more, I have been working for 6 years in hostel/hotel industry in Poland, Australia and Ireland, where I also lived for a bit. I speak English, Polish and a bit of German.
My passion besides travelling is make-up. I would love to gain more experience in that area, however, for now I like doing it during my free time for my friends and family.
I like trying new things that I am scared of. So bungee jump was one of my fears that I have overcome! Now it is time for… a skydive!


At the age of only 12 I already knew that I want to plan my future in tourism. I have been fond of traveling and exploring the world since childhood and it had a huge impact on choosing my career   path. At the age of 19 I moved to Krakow to study geography and tourism at the Jagiellonian University, where I conducted research on film tourism, the Polish community of FC Barcelona fans and the development of high speed rail in Poland. I have been involved in the inbound tourism market in Poland since 2015. Before joining the Wygoda Travel team, I worked on development of local tours and transfers in Krakow and managed the sales team for several years. Mediterranean Europe, in particular Catalonia, is my place on earth and I do my best to visit it several times a year.
In my free time I improve my journalism skills and learn languages – I speak English, Spanish, Catalan, German and French. I am also travel blogger and write about Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and sustainable tourism.


Traveling has always been part of my life. Since I was a little child (thanks to my parents) I was traveling quite a lot around Poland and other countries.
I graduated from Cracow’s Tourism Academy. I lived in the UK (Birmingham), where my English skills has significantly improved. Meeting a lot of fascinating people representing different types of culture has always been interesting to me. My biggest dream is to go on Safari to experience the animals wildlife and freedom.
In the past I worked as tourism specialist for the local travel agency here in Krakow. I feel fulfilled every time I help tourists organise their time in Poland. I am local so it is always great to share my own experience and of the beaten track places with them.
How about my passion? I absolutely love singing. During my free time I record some covers. I prefer touching songs because they let me express my inside feelings. Music has always been a very important part of my life.


Since the very beginning of Wygoda Travel Group I have been involved in creating this company that now has been established on the Polish market for 19 years. I am the comapany Executive Board  Member. I have always been connected to tourism industry. I gained my experience in UK (Cheateau Impney) and Ireland (Sheen Falls) then for a few years I have worked as Rep in Greece. I have graduated from Hotel Management College and Cracow’s Tourism Academy.
In addition to this, I am a happy father of two lovely kids and a big fan of Irish Whiskey.