Meet the Team

We are part of Wygoda Travel and together we create an exceptional incoming department group. Here you can read something more about us.



I have always been involved in the tourism industry as I have graduated from the International Relations with a Bachelor’s degree in International Tourism then I continued studying and I ended up finishing my Master’s in Business Management. A day after I have graduated from my Master’s degree, I took a chance  and flew to Australia where I lived in Melbourne for a year and then travelled up the East Coast for another 2 months. I have visited countries in Asia where my favourite one was Singapore. What’s more, I have been working for 6 years in hostel/hotel industry in Poland, Australia and Ireland, where I also lived for a bit. I speak English, Polish and a bit of German.

My passion besides travelling is make-up. I would love to gain more experience in that area, however, for now I like doing it during my free time for my friends and family.
I like trying new things that I am scared of. So bungee jump was one of my fears that I have overcome! Now it is time for… a skydive!



I am a positive person so I always want to do things in my life that make me happy. And what I love the most ? Travelling and getting to know other cultures. So all my life choices were pretty simple. I’ve graduated University in Tourism and Recreation and as soon as I passed my last exam, I took a flight to USA without knowing any locals there. It was honestly the best time and decision in my entire life so far. I have totally fallen in love in this country.  After I came back to Poland, I started American Studies. It was an opportunity for me to know even more about Americans, their traditions and their lifestyle. If I have a chance, I try to do everything to be able to come back to the USA (even for a short visit or so). I have already visited America 3 times, so in total, I have spent 11 months there and it is still not enough for me.

I have also spent some time in Dubai and Tel Aviv to expand my knowledge about Muslim and Jewish culture. The next destination for me to visit is Vietnam. I have heard a lot about the country and I wouldn’t mind to see it through my eyes.
Organising school, tourist and business trips is almost as fascinating as travelling. I love to visit other countries but my heart still belongs to Poland. This is why I want foreigners to see the beauty of my homeland.



Since the very beginning of Wygoda Travel Group I have been involved in creating this company that now has been established on the Polish market for 18 years. I am the member of the Executive Board and the Office Manager. I have always been connected to tourism industry. I gained my experience in UK (Cheateau Impney) and Ireland (Sheen Falls) then for a few years I have worked as Rep in Greece. I have graduated from Hotel Management College and Cracow’s Tourism Academy.

In addition to this, I am a happy father of two lovely kids and I am a big fan of Irish Whiskey.