Wieliczka Salt Mine

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Visiting the world famous Salt Mine in Wieliczka (UNESCO), known as one of the 7 Wonders of Poland, we experience an amazing underground tour and discover treasures of one of the oldest and largest salt mines in Europe!

In the Middle Ages salt used to be the symbol of wealth and was very often called the white gold. The Salt Mine in Wieliczka played an important role in the medieval Europe. It has been operating for more than 700 years!

During our tour, we learn about the history of the mine and the daily life of the miners who risked their lives working in its depths. Walking through the underground chambers and tunnels carved in rock salt, we discover all the treasures: salty lakes, beautifully decorated chapels and amazing Chapel of St. Kinga – the largest underground chapel in the world, carved in salt!

After the tour, we enjoy a short break: you can send a postcard from the underground post office, have a cup of coffee in the underground restaurant or buy some souvenirs. We visit 3 levels of the mine (the only ones available for the tourists) finishing our tour 135 m below the ground! Don’t worry, we go back to the surface by the lift.