The Schindler’s List tour

Highlights: Kazimierz District, Szeroka Street, Old Synagogue, Remuh Synagogue, Galicja Jewish Museum, Ghetto area, Schindler’s Factory, remains of the ghetto wall, Plaszow concentration camp

Kazimierz, the former Jewish town in Krakow, became world famous thanks to The Schindler’s List film made here by Steven Spielberg. Following the Schindler’s Route ,we retrace the history of Krakow’s Jews and see the remains of their splendid culture that was flourishing here in the past.

Before World War II Poland housed the largest Jewish community in Europe. An old Jewish town in Krakow, called Kazimierz, became the symbol of the Jewish history in Poland that dates back to the 12th century.

Walking around Kazimierz, seeing 16th century synagogues, old cemeteries, or the old fashioned, crooked streets with antique shops, we can still capture the spirit of life in the old Jewish town. During this tour we discover the remains of the Jewish culture: the Old Synagogue, Remuh synagogue and the cemetery, Tempel synagogue or the birthplace of Helen Rubinstein! We also follow the traces of Holocaust: the Ghetto Square, the famous Schindler’s Factory and the Memorial in the Plaszow concentration camp. We see the places that became the scenery for the Spielberg’s film. To get the idea of the variety of the Jewish heritage in Poland, we see an amazing photo exhibition in the Galicja Jewish Museum.