COVID-19: temporary limitations in Poland

update: 29.07.2020

COVID-19 is something we do not really need to explain to all of you. This disease has changed our lives completely from the simple everyday things such as going to the supermarket, visiting friends and family to eating in a restaurants,  and traveling outside the country.

In those difficult times, each of the country has put its own restrictions according to their government.

Below please find the temporary limitations in Poland.

Crossing Polish boarders:

  • EU citizens are now able to enter Poland without any obstacles.

International flights:

  • International flights were resumed on 16 June 2020.

Valid until further notice:

  • At least a 1.5-meter distance between pedestrians must be maintained (excluding: parents with children up to 13 years of age, people with disabilities).
  • Theatres, operas, exhibition centres, concert halls and cinemas are allowed to reopen under sanitary regime.
  • Obligation to wear a face mask in public places if it is not possible to keep at least a 1.5-meter distance (other mouth and nose coverings are also accepted).
  • Number of passengers travelling simultaneously by bus, tram or subway is equivalent to the number of seats or 50% ot total capacity of the vehicle.
  • Ban on organizing any meetings or events for more than 150 people in closed spaces (no limits in open spaces if a distance can be maintained).
  • 14-day quarantine is obligatory for people who had contact with infected persons or live with a person who is in quarantine.

Hotels and shopping malls were allowed to reopen under strict sanitary regime from 4 May. Some cultural institutions such as museums are to reopen in upcoming days. Restaurants can were allowed to reopen from 18 May.


  • On-site restaurants are allowed to reopen under strict sanitary regime.
  • At least a 1,5-meter distance between employees must be maintained.
  • Employees must be provided with face masks, gloves and hand sanitizing gel.
  • Common areas must be desinfected several times a day.
  • Elevators, handles, handrails, common toilets, reception desk, telephones and other frequently used objects must be desinfected every hour.
  • Hand sanitizing gel must be provided at the entrance hall, reception desk area, entrance to the elevators, on-site restaurants and close to the toilet exit doors.
  • Maximum number of guests is equivalent to the number of rooms multiplied by 2.
  • Minimum distance of 2 meters between guests using conference rooms must be maintained.
  • Only hotel staff and guests with valid reservation are allowed to be at the hotel.
  • Limited routine room cleaning should only be done at the customer’s request.
  • Special room cleaning and desinfection procedures are recommended.
  • Certain services such as porterage service can be suspended to increase security.
  • A separate room for potentially infected guest must be prepared.


  • Tables must be properly cleaned and desinfected after each client.
  • At least a 2-meter distance between tables must be maintained.

Museums and attractions in Krakow and Małopolska region:

  • Wawel Castle is reopen.
  • Museum of Kraków: Schindler’s Factory, Eagle Pharmacy, Rynek Underground Museum, the Barbican and the Defence Walls, Nowa Huta Museum, Podgórze Museum, Celestat and Krzysztofory Palace are already open.
  • National  Museum in Kraków in already open. The Princes Czartoryski Museum reopened on 19 June.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków reopened on 12 May.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine reopened on 8 June.
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum reopened in July.

As you can see, we are slowly trying to come back to our normal life. We know it is a very difficult time for everyone but we believe that we can go through this. Our company still exists and we all are working from home. We are availabile from 10 am until 4 pm – Monday till Friday.

You can contact us via email:

or mobile phones:
Agnieszka: +48 504 786 960
Karolina: +48 500 069 732

Please, stay safe and healthy!

Wygoda Incoming Team

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