Wieliczka Salt Mine visited by record numer of tourists

2017 was a record year for Wieliczka Salt Mine. 1 708 131 tourists from over 200 countries visited this UNESCO site.

The number of over 1.7 million people in 2017 means that there was 9% more visitors than in previous year 2016. Almost half (49%) were Polish tourists. The highest increase in visits was noted in the group of foreign adults (they were estimated to be 41% of visitors, Polish adults – 30%, children and teenagers from Poland – 18% and 10% were youth and children from abroad). The largest percentage of foreigners constituted inhabitants of Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, the USA, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Belgium. Belgians noted the greatest dynamics of arrivals. Wieliczka Salt Mine was also visited by the tourists from distant countries such as: Suriname, Bahrain, Brunei, Lesotho.

Tourist Route was the most popular, but also the Mining Route has gained popularity, especially among schoolchildren.

The successes have been achieved due to continuous improvement of traffic logistics and organizational improvements. The enormous interest in the Wieliczka Salt Mine has a direct impact on dissemination of knowledge about salt mining, mining traditions and customs. Various spheres of mine activity, such as healing and organization of events, allow for multi-faceted sharing of the salt heritage, as well as full use of its potential.

2017 was the year of many events as well. Over 350 events took place under the groud, such as: concerts, sporting events, social events, educational events, and also those direcly connected to the mining traditions and heritage.

Next years will bring many changes in the Mine. It is planned to e.g. renovate Kosciuszko, Kinga and Danilowicz Shafts and St Kinga’s Park.

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